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The US Family visa category is for the US citizens who want to sponsor their close family members for a temporary non-immigrant visa, or a permanent residency, commonly known as Green Card. The process for different types of Family Visas is different, and has its individual rules and requirements.

Family Visas
Employment Visas

The US Immigration system has a variety of employment visas. Every fiscal year, which starts from October 1st, and ends on September 30th, there are 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available for qualified applicants. These employment based visas are divided into five (5) preference categories. Under some employment visa types, spouses and children can also accompany or follow-to-join the employment visa holders.

Family Visas
Business Visas

The business visa is for the foreign nationals who want to come to United States for Business Purposes. This visa type is normally referred to as B1, and is a temporary visa with specific rules and regulations.

Family Visas

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